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Company Statement

K Transport Services Ltd. (“the Company”) considers those risks arising specifically from its activities associated with road transportation as meriting special consideration and risk management. The company understand that Driving is likely to be the most dangerous activity that employees are exposed to. Consequently, the Company has written this subsidiary policy statement as an addendum to its primary safety & health policy.

The Company’s aim is to protect the health, safety and welfare of persons driving under its direction and of those affected by its activities for example, other road users, pedestrian and its neighbours. Also, it aims to reduce its transport activities impact on the environment by identifying those aspects that give rise to carbon emissions and social impacts such as congestion, vibration and noise – and implementing monitoring and mitigating systems.

The Company will develop processes, work instructions, training, and monitoring systems to ensure that those driving under its direction have the necessary knowledge and abilities to drive in a skilful, confident, positive and professional manner respecting other road users, the legal requirements of the Highway Code, in particular speed limits, the environment, safeguarding customers’ products being transported and, at all times act in a manner that supports the Company in meeting its stated business objectives.

All employees (including directors and senior management) and temporary workers will be within the scope of the Road Risk Policy and are expected to participate fully in its implementation and continuous improvement. All instances of road traffic collisions and incidents will be investigated appropriately. Where non-conformances or opportunities to improve are identified, they will be acted upon.


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