ENVIRONMENT Committed to improving our green credentials


KTS are aware that our operations have a negative impact on our environment and so we have taken steps to improve our green credentials. We are ideally located in the centre of the country for a transport company, our locality assists us in keeping empty running to a minimum.

On many occasions we will distribute finished products from factories in the West Midlands and return load with raw materials from the docks to the same factory.
Our vehicles are currently running loaded over 80%  of the time and we are continually looking to improve this and further reduce our carbon foot print.

We have found that running an efficient and economical operation runs `hand in glove` with improving our green credentials as a company.

Green measures that we have recently taken include the following:

  1. Installed tracking systems in all of our vehicles to assist in route and traffic planning.
  2. All of our drivers are trained in SAFED driving principles to conserve fuel usage and wear and tear on vehicles including extending tyre life & reducing brake wear.
  3. Our` fuel champion` is constantly analysing data from our computerised fuel management system. Drivers that consistently return lower mpgs will receive further training, if this is a problem with the vehicle then the necessary work will be carried out in our workshop as a matter of urgency.
  4. Fleet replacement with the latest Euro 5 engines that operate with the fuel additive Ad Blue and result in almost zero emissions. From January 2012 these will be the only LGV vehicles allowed into the London LEZ (low emission zone) and currently make up 50% of our fleet.
  5. We are continually striving to reduce our empty running miles by return loading from all areas of the country and more efficient routing with the assistance of our tracking system.
  6. KTS are now a member of The Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS). This is a voluntary scheme administered by the Freight Transport Association with the purpose of recording, reporting and reducing carbon emissions from freight transport. Fuel, Fleet and Activity data are recorded and this information is then tracked to monitor improvements in emissions and fuel efficiency over time. The participation in this scheme further demonstrates our green credentials and our long term commitment to reducing our carbon emissions.


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